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The Doves

Jun 13, 2023

When Ben Blanchard first saw pictures of Michael Pendry’s “Les Colombes” (the Doves), an art installation symbolizing hope and the Holy Spirit, at the National Cathedral, he thought, “We can totally do that at Good Shepherd”. Thus the Good Shepherd community dove mobile project began.

Each year the Sunday after Easter the whole community is enlisted to help construct the paper doves.

The week before Pentecost Sunday (50 days after Easter) a faithful flight crew prepare the frame and hang each dove individually in the center of the Nave (the room where the community gathers for worship) crossing.

In 2022 we expanded the exhibit by hanging doves in large glass windows of the narthex (the entry space into the nave) that are lit at night for those passing by to experience.

This year the we expanded the exhibit to the west building windows. The doves soar towards the narthex and in through the front glass doors.

Next year our plan is to have the doves in all the windows flying towards the narthex entry. May all who pass by see these doves as a symbol of hope.