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Joy (Christmas)

Dec 31, 2023

That first Christmas almost went unnoticed. A few stargazing nomads and some scruffy shepherds happened to look up at the night sky; they saw signs that something remarkable was happening. But most folks were distracted and busy with their daily lives, their families, their work, their worries. That first Christmas was so quiet and ordinary that it was easy to miss.

In the midst of the frenzied season we call Christmas today – the traffic, the long lines, the frustrations, the expense, and the endless to-do lists—God quietly enters the world. This season take time to notice the quiet moments of love and goodness in your life. We invite you to be still and pay attention to signs of kindness, friendship, and hope in the world around you. Even in this troubled, chaotic world we live in, God is being born in the quiet places of our hearts; it can be easy to miss.