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Dec 1, 2023

ANTICIPATION is the theme word for Good Shepherd’s newest window installation.  We’re all in the frenzied season of “getting ready for Christmas.” We can feel the time pressure, the need to check things off our to-do lists. We’re fighting the stress of ever-growing demands that absorb more of our time and energy than we hoped they would.

Our Advent windows are a visual conversation about this high-pressure season:  One window is full of an imposing collection of clocks painted purple, mixed in with Christmas greens. The opposite window is empty except for a beam of yellow light focused on an empty manger.  

During Advent we are invited to turn our gaze from checklists and schedules and demands. We are invited to take time to be still. We can choose to slow down, to breathe, to renew our faith in the simple gift of God’s goodness.

The clock is ticking. How will we choose to live each day as we count our way to Christmas?